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                        Full Scale Teachers from left to right: Mr. Tad, Mr. David, Mr. Josh, Mrs. Natalie, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Angela, Mrs. Larysa (not pictured), and Mr. Mark (not pictured)

                        Full Scale Teachers from left to right: Mr. Tad, Mr. David, Mr. Josh, Mrs. Natalie, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Angela, Mrs. Larysa (not pictured), and Mr. Mark (not pictured)

Summer Music Camps at the Center!

Summer is a great time to focus on your music, learn a new instrument, or get the experience of playing alongside your friends in rock band, praise and worship, or jazz camp! Each camp is one week long.

June 5

Rock Band Jr.                         8:30-12      Rising Grades 1-4

Songwriting and Recording    8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 5-12

June 12

Hands on Instruments           8:30-12      Rising Grades K5-4

Praise and Worship Camp      8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 5-12

June 19

Jazz and Blues Camp             8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 6-12

June 26

Rock Band Camp                  8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 5-12

July 5-7

Songwriting and Recording   8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 7-12    3 days  $120

July 10

Around the World - Disney   8:30-12      Rising Grades K5-4

Praise and Worship                8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 5-12

July 17

Hands on Instruments           8:30-12:00  Rising grades K5-4

Rock Band Camp                  8:30-3:30    Rising Grades 5-12

July 24

Star Wars Piano                      8:30-12         Rising Grades K5-4

Advanced Piano and Theory 12:00-3:30   Rising Grades 6-12

July 31

Rock Band Jr.                         8:30-12     Rising Grades 1-4

Rock Band Camp                  8:30-3:30   Rising Grades 5-12


All half day camps are $115    -    All 8:30-3:30 camps are $195    -    Multiple child discount $25

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At the Full Scale School of Music, we are proud to have some of the best teachers and performers in the area.  We offer private lessons, group classes, summer camps, concerts, community outreach, and more!  Full Scale wants to develop students of all ages to the best of their potential.  Whether you want to play piano in your church, violin in an orchestra, drums in a band, or guitar with your friends, this is the place to learn!  Check out our website at  

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a time for students to receive individual attention on their instrument.  Our teachers at Full Scale School of Music will encourage and develop the student’s potential to read, understand, create, and express themselves through music. We want to give students the most useful information each week so that they can progress steadily in their individual practice and enjoy making music.  Instrument lessons are $92 per month for 30 minute lessons.  Students may also choose to do 45 min or 1 hour lessons.  Each year we charge a $25 registration fee and $30 events fee.  Ask about family discounts for multiple siblings. Our students are encouraged to play at many events during the year including: Halloween concert, nursing homes, Piano Virtuoso Competition, Christmas Concert, Sonata Contest, Guitar Fest, and Spring Recital.  For more information use the contact form or check our Facebook page at.

Contact Daniel Driskell - owner/teacher at Full Scale School of Music
(251) 454-6591 or


  • Angela Rayburn - piano, young child
  • Chris Duncan - guitar, piano, strings
  • Daniel Driskell, owner - piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, woodwinds
  • David White - drums, percussion
  • John Cochran - guitar, bass, rock band
  • Josh Hill - guitar, brass                                                                                                                       
  • Joshua Ward - guitar
  • Laryssa Burgess - piano
  • Laura Deal - piano, woodwinds, brass
  • Natalie Blackburn - violin, viola, cello
  • Tad Borowski - guitar, bass guitar

Group Classes

1. Piano Lab Starting this Fall 2016, we will be offering a group piano class in our new keyboard lab.  This is a great way for younger students to get started at the piano by learning technique, theory, rhythm, sight reading, solos, duets, and more! Mr. D is an experienced teacher in both individual and group settings who will engage and challenge students to do their best.  There will be a beginning piano class for ages 5-7 and another class for ages 8-11.  The optimal class size is 4-5 students.  Tuition is $70 per month. Class meets each week for 1 hour.  All students are invited to perform at our recitals throughout the year. 

2. Rock Band!  We always have a ton of fun putting students together into bands.  Students are grouped by age and by instruments.  Most bands have guitar, bass, vocals, drums, and keyboard.  Other instruments are welcome to join as well.  Tuition is $65 per month. Class meets each week for 1 hour.  Special "gigs" are arranged throughout the year to give students a goal to work towards. 

3. Homeschool Music Program on Wednesdays. Information at


Call Daniel Driskell at (251) 454-6591 for more information!